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LuminWave secures $20M in Series B led by Anxin Capital for Si photonics FMCW LiDAR. Series includes D-Series for ADAS and F-Series with solid-state scanning for high-accuracy 4D perception in autonomous driving.
Luminwave secures angel funding, led by CASSTAR with FreesFund participation, receiving tens of millions in yuan. The funds will primarily advance pure solid-state LiDAR chip and module development using silicon photonics.
Global LiDAR market to surge 60%, reaching $6.4 billion by 2024, with 70% driven by automotive applications. Yole predicts “liberated eyes” driving by 2035, citing exponential growth in autonomous cars, anticipating 3.1 million units by 2032.
LuminWave’s LiDAR prototype offers a true solid-state solution with a self-developed silicon optical OPA chip, providing an impressive resolution of up to 200 lines—surpassing current market standards. The cost-effective imaging-level LiDAR aims to enhance autonomous driving technology.
LuminWave’s FS-8864 LiDAR, showcased at CES 2020, features the world’s smallest gesture recognition sensor. Using 3D ToF and SiP technology, it optimizes size, power, and cost, elevating 3D LiDAR perception with integrated AI for effortless gesture recognition.
LuminWave unveiled CES 2020’s smallest gesture-recognition LiDAR, FS-8864 series. SPA model features SiP for compactness, integrating light sources and sensors. SMA and SMB models employ deep learning for gesture recognition and 3D point clouds.

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