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launches the worlds smallest 3D ToF LiDAR sensor

LuminWave launches the world’s smallest 3D ToF LiDAR sensor

Recently, at the annual CES 2020, Hangzhou LuminWave Technology Co., Ltd. (LuminWave™) launched the world’s smallest gesture recognition LiDAR sensor FS-8864 series products based on the 3D ToF (time of flight) principle. . Among them, the SPA model is a 3D ToF chip using SiP (System-in-Package), which integrates a variety of optoelectronic chip components, including light sources, sensor chips, and chip-level micro-optics, in SiP, which is much smaller than a mobile phone camera module. The SMA and SMB models are micro-modules with SPA as the core, and are embedded with deep learning AI algorithms to provide turnkey solutions for gesture/posture recognition and 3D point clouds.

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