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AGV Recognition & Avoidance


Detection accuracy in the millimeter range

Low influence of ambient light

Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 industry standard

VGA depth resolution


Pallet Identification for Unmanned Forklift Trucks

In the automation industry, warehouse intelligence, logistics, and other sectors commonly use pallets as transport and storage units, requiring effective recognition for correct handling by unmanned forklift trucks (AGVs). Luminwave’s 3D Time-of-Flight (TOF) camera scans pallets and precisely identifies their type, quantity, material, size, and other attributes through built-in deep learning algorithms. Simultaneously, it outputs results such as pallet deflection angle, deflection distance, position, and serial numbers. This ensures that AGV unmanned forklifts can accurately stack and store goods.

AGV Obstacle Avoidance

The Luminwave 3D Time-of-Flight (TOF) camera, featuring a wide field of view and instant flash imaging, facilitates high-precision 3D modeling of the mobile robot’s environment in real time. This capability remains unaffected by changes in height and supports obstacle avoidance for mobile AGV robots. The solution is cost-effective and less affected by ambient light interference.

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