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Long-Range FMCW Series

Luminwave’s FMCW detector chip coherently amplifies emitted light, boosting LiDAR distance measurement while reducing power needs. Its unique Doppler effect directly measures speed and eliminates interference, addressing outdoor challenges. Integrating multiple SoCs on a silicon photonics chip reduces LiDAR size and cost, meeting automotive and other application needs.


Highly integrated,Real-time speed measurement, Sunlight anti-interference ability


Highly Integrated

Real-time Speed Measurement


Super sunlight anti-interference ability, support 100000lux

Chip-scale FMCW LiDAR, stable and reliable product performance


Easy 2D and 3D Exploring


Luminwave SDK currently supports Windows, Linux (including Ubuntu and ROS) and other operating systems, which can change and obtain high-precision depth, IR and point cloud data information in real time, so that it is convenient for customers to quickly and easily build and expand custom solutions.

tof camera SDK display



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