FMCW Series

The coherent silicon FMCW detector chip developed by Luminwave utilizes the local oscillation’s light to coherently amplify the emitted light signal. On the receiver side, the signal can be amplified by a factor of 100,000 times, significantly enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio compared to alternative solutions.

This improvement not only enhances LiDAR distance measurement but also reduces the power requirements of the light source. The unique Doppler effect of the FMCW not only directly measures speed but also effectively eliminates interference from ambient light and other LiDARs. This addresses the challenge of using multiple LiDARs outdoors.

By integrating multiple SoCs on a multi-channel FMCW chip using emerging silicon photonics technology, Luminwave can drastically reduce the size and cost of LiDAR, meeting the requirements of automotive and other LiDAR applications.


Highly integrated
Real-time speed measurement
Super sunlight anti-interference ability, support 100000lux
Chip-scale FMCW LiDAR, stable and reliable product performance
The onlyphotonic integration technology with scalability
Real time Speed Measurement
Anti interference

Super Sunlight Anti-interference Ability, Support 100000lux

Super Sunlight Anti interference Ability Support 100000lux

Chip-scale FMCW LiDAR, Stable and Reliable Product Performance

Chip scale FMCW LiDAR Stable and Reliable Product Performance 2


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