Short-Range iTOF Series

The short-range series comprises depth camera products built on Time of Flight (TOF) technology. These products feature the industry-leading iTOF sensor chip, which, when paired with Luminwave’s distinctive filter and compensation algorithms, delivers precise and stable data suitable for applications in robotics, logistics, security surveillance, and various other industries.

D301 & D302

Millimeter-level Measurement Accuracy, VGA depth image, Human eye safety


Millimeter-level Measurement Accuracy, Large wide-angle adaptation, IP67

D301C & D302C

Synchronised depth as well as colour information, Rich visual information


Large angle field of view, Support depth, IR map, point cloud output, Type-C USB 2.0 output


IP67 industrial grade 3D camera

Sony DepthSense technology Millimeter precision error

VGA high resolution

High frame rate 30fps


Easy 2D and 3D Exploring


Luminwave SDK currently supports Windows, Linux (including Ubuntu and ROS) and other operating systems, which can change and obtain high-precision depth, IR and point cloud data information in real time, so that it is convenient for customers to quickly and easily build and expand custom solutions.

tof camera SDK display


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