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Customized Services

In order to cater to the diverse requirements of our customers, Luminwave provides customized development services encompassing silicon optical chips, algorithms, hardware, software, and other related aspects.

Multidimensional Customized Solutions





Chip and Chip Platform Technology

Chip and Chip Platform Technology

Luminwave possesses robust capabilities in the development and integration of silicon photonics technologies and is proficient in various chip technology platforms, allowing for product customization at the chip level.

Algorithm Capability

Luminwave’s suite of algorithms encompasses signal processing, image processing, deep learning, and scenario-based algorithms. These algorithms can also be collaboratively developed with customers for specific scenarios, ensuring the fulfillment of diverse customer needs.

Algorithm Capability 1
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Hardware System

Luminwave facilitates the customization of optical systems, hardware interfaces, and more, enabling the creation of tailor-made products for customers to meet specific requirements across multiple dimensions. These dimensions include product working distance, field of view angle, hardware interface, structural size, and optimized cost.

Software System

Luminwave concentrates on the core capabilities of TOF and FMCW technology, tailoring them to specific requirements and business processes. The company offers a versatile platform with multiple operating options, diverse interfaces, a multi-language development environment for the host computer, and an SDK software system based on well-established general software development capabilities.

tof camera SDK display

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