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LuminWave Announceda NewTime of FlightCamera Product

LuminWave Announced a New Time-of-Flight Camera Product

LuminWave announced a new intelligent TOF camera D3 series products. It provides real-time 3D depth imaging with high accuracy and sub-millimeter precision. Featuring Sony ToF sensor combined with Luminwave’s Factory Tough IP67 design, VGA resolution, this camera is perfect for 24/7 operation in challenging industrial environments.

The D3-Standard is specifically engineered for high-performance operation in indoor lighting conditions, for AGV Recognition & Avoidance and Visual Guidance & Localization applications.

The D3W-Wide quadruples the viewable area thanks to its wider 103° x 81° field of view. It allows to image a much larger area at the same distance (compare to D3-Standard), allowing for more flexibility with camera installation.

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